Rodney’s reading gave me insight into things that were happening in my life and helped me to prioritise my steps to action. It pointed me in the right direction. Plus gave me confidence that I was in the right path. Kylie B

When I  left after your reading  I  felt uplifted light and free. My posture improved . I’m  still on my new  journey of improvement. You have a great gift thank you for sharing it with me.  Sending white light  Meg

Feels like part of the dam wall broke last night. Got a lot off my chest. Feel much lighter this morning & finding it very easy to smile. Not sure what you did but you hit spots that have been hidden away so tightly for years. Thank you Heather

Remarkable visionary. ….He has the gift of soul reading, part psychotherapy, part life coach and ability to tap into other realms. I was blown away with the accuracy of what was going on in my life, from simple things like a mysterious pain I experienced in my foot the previous day. Rodney nails core issues,blockages and provides insights on how to move forward. Both confronting, supportive and highly sensitive in his approach. Lianne L

I feel my attitude has changed, I feel that you woke me up from the fog I was living in.I have a way to go, but I feel so much better. Thank you for your gift. You are a blessing xx Maryanne

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