What a Game!! 26 to 20

The Canopy Edge Walk


The Cairns Northern Beaches Community Walk set of on another adventure last Thursday. The Journey Started a Canopy Edge Smithfield and progressed through to the Cairns Wake Park and finally to a Yummy Breakfast at Trinity Beach Bar and Grill. Thank to Bernadette our organiser and leader.

This group departs between 7am and 730am each Thursday to explore the treasure of the Cairns Northern Beaches. All ages and abilities are welcome plus your 4 legged friend. Check out the Group on facebook.



Parking Inspectors are on patrol Monday to Sunday 830am till 6pm
within the CBD, which include Wharf st,  McLeod st, Florence st and the Esplanade
Street Parking outside the CBD between Ellis Beach and Gordonvale has a 8 hour limit but it’s not patrolled.  Council staff will act on public complaints.
Valid Disability Parking Permits let’s you park in the CBD without a parking ticket if you:
  • Park in a designated Disability zones.
  • Park in a designated parking zone except  2 and 5 minute parking
  • Loading zones
loading Zones 
If your require access to designated loading zone you must be driving a commercial vehicle or ute. if not, you can purchase a yearly pass. The pass will set you back $80.00 which is a lot cheaper than the $120.00 fine. Loading zones are constantly monitored and vehicles are marked and logged by parking inspectors.
Currently centre of the road parking is monitored by a camera car.
Soon the centre road parking bays will be monitored by a discrete sensor that will notify inspectors instantly. The initial sensor rollout starts shortly in Grafton St.
If you do get a a parking infingement notice and you see the parking inspector near by, feel free to approach him/her in a friendly manner and have a conversation as to why you exceed the time limit. If  you have a valid reason they have the discretion to cancel or issue a warning notice. Remember you can always lodge parking infringement dispute directly with our local council office in Spence st.
If you are unsure of the parking regulations speak to the friendly staff as they are happy to educate you on the rule and regulations.
Something I leaned today:  Parking inspectors do not have targets or financial ticket incentives. Remember they are a valued member of out community and help keep the cars moving.
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Wet lands and Wild … in Cairns

Every Thursday a wonderful group of suppotive locals get to gether at a Cairns Northern Beaches location to explore our tropical paradise.   Bernadelle/Leslie create a unique adventure  topped off  with a yummy breakfast. This week included Cattana Wedtlands and Cafe Yorkey.

If you want to participate, all ability are welcome. Normally it’s dog friendly but we have had an occassional exceptions. More  informations is available on the facebook site  “Cairns Northern Beaches Community walk.”


This video was produced by Rodney Wilson alias “The Foot Falcon”.                               Check out “The Foot Falcon” on YouTube and Instagram

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Northern Beach Wonders!

Another Beautiful Morning discovering the wonders of the Northern Beaches, thanks to our trusty leader Bernadette Ackman and Jack. Every Thursday at 7am the group of followers embark own a new adventure.

Check out the group on facebook Cairns Northern Beaches Community Talk

The Final Event.

This was the Final Event for The Cairns Chinese New Year 2019. It was held in the Chinese Friendship Gardens on Greenslope st . It was truely an amazing evening thanks too the efforts of all involved.