Cairns Helpful hints

When buying products for home or business remember

1/ Photocopy you receipts as they fade in the tropics or in the sun. Just buy a inexpensive black and white laser printer with the mobile and wifi access. This will make the process easier to maintain and it could save you thousands.

2/ Check if your suppliers keeps a copy of your purchases for warranty purposes eg The Good Guys. This is a great safe guard and may make the difference to the retail you choose.

3/ Check if the product manufacturer honours the Statutory Warranty. It may save you paying 20% extra for instore extended warranty’s. Checkout Apple and Samsung products.

4/ Cairns CBD is now free from 2pm on Saturday and all day Sunday. This doesn’t include loading Zones, Disability parking or Bus Zones. Just park where you are meant to and avoid a $60 to $240 Ticket.

Other great tips will be coming your way soon.

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