Change the way you look at Christmas and what you look at might change.

Christmas is just days away, as we watch people scurring from shop to shop in search of that illusive perfect gift, whilst their stress and anxiety hits record levels

What is Christmas and the art of gifting ?

Creating more landfill ?
Increasing your debt levels?
Buying presents just to fill the stocking

Maybe Christmas is the act of love wrapped up in gratitude?

Why not give a meaningful gift’s this year?

Make or decorate a pot
Rescue a teddy bear and give it a new life.

A painting that you have created
Framing the perfect photograph
Create an ever-lasting dried flower arrangement
Or just adopt your New Furry Friend

Then take the time to wrap your gifts in homemade wrapping paper and a card

Give your own personalised GIFT VOUCHER

One hour destress massage
Dinner for 2 – A culinary delight
Weekly car wash/polish for 12 months – a true labour of love

Give an annual membership and support the local’s

Cairns Museum
local Gym membership
Fitzroy Island
The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum
Why not Donate to “Buy a Bale” for our Australian Farmers.

The possibilities are endless

My personal favourite is a book and it won’t break the bank

“The five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

Check it out and see what you think.

Have a safe and happy Christmas

Rodney Wilson

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