Is there something new in Cairns today

Pawn Star in Cairns now has 3 boats to accommodate those who want a seafood experience without the risk of inclement weather and only a step away from the shore. A safe option!

Maybe all you need to do is change the way you look at things…
And what you look at changes.

Watching how the clouds just wrap around the moon.
This is a Boatel, a Hotel that just floats.
An Ex Dive Boat that has been given a new lease of life.
Another form of recycling
Well done Cairns Dive Centre.
You don’t need to have leaves to survive
Or do you?
It’s what’s inside that matters
There is always a spot to watch the magical sunrise.

No lack of FREE front row seating.
Might see you there tomorrow?
This tree has really got it’s “roots” stuck in!

Nature is so amazing!
This could be a oil painting.
What do you think?
Remember it doesn’t matter how many times you take a path, there is aways something NEW.

Take the time and open your eyes wide on your next trip
You never know what you might see.

Travel Safely

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