The first delivery of groceries will be touching down at Cairns Airport today

  • Woolworth has secured two charter planes to carry 30 tonnes of fresh produce and essentials.
  • Coles has arranged half a plane load into Townsville.
  • Tableland producers are delivery a truck load of fresh produce.
  • IGA Cairns and Edmonton has just received their last truck and assessing alternative routes.
  • Sea swift has been engaged by Coles and Woolworth to carry 300 tonnes of fresh produce expected on Friday.

Check out “Helping Townsville” on Facebook They are looking for donations of clothing, toys, children books, non perishables, cleaning gear,  towels and blankets        


  • RSL  @115 Esplanade Cairns City
  • Cairns District Rugby League  office  @Barlow park
  • Ivanhoe Club House @Ivanhoe Lane Smithfield
  • Tropical island Treasures @ 21 Rankin  St Innisvale Short term Storage sheds are needed to store donation prior to distribution.

In Cairns: 

  • The early wet has drowned young sugar cane crops.
  • Tableland Mango crops have been picked and now awaiting transport which could be weeks away.
  • Tinaroo Dam has opened it’s spill ways for the first time in 7 years. It is currently sitting at 102% which means farmer may be able to maintain their full allocated past 30 June 2019.

Once the the roads are open 1000 trucks will hammer the road for 4 days. 


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