Cairns CBD Parking could cost you $225.00 per day

I hope the following information saves you from unnecessary parking infringement.

All time zoned parking in Cairns is effective from 830am till 6pm    7 days a week 
Note: Council NOW has GPS camera cars to monitor centre of the road parking and ensure their revenue stream are maintained. Parking inspectors wear cameras to record conversations if needed. 

The hourly meter rate is NOW $1.60  Credit card option are available but extra charges do apply.
Centre of the road parking is FREE for the designated parking time. (Please note that parking limits on Rustys market days change for 3 hours to 1 hour) . If  you exceed the time limit you may incur a  penalty of $60.00. If you decide to reverse out of the centre parking you could receive a Penalty of $120.00

Loading zones are designated for commercial vehicles  include single and duel cab ute’s. If you don’t comply and/or exceed the allowable 20mins max you could incur a penalty of $120.00.

Designated disability parking is only available to cars displaying a valid disability permit on their car windscreen. Non compliance will result in a fine of $225.00  If you want more information about the permit process, please contact Cairns Regional Council 

Parking in bus stops has a penalty of $150.00 . Make sure your car park is not shared with time zoned bus stops. eg AM and PM specified times. Just check the signs to ensure you don’t get caught out. (Spence st near the esplanade is one of those locations.

If you are one of those drivers who finds it easier to reverse into angle parking you may receive a parking infringement of $120.00 and just to add fuel to the fire, doing U turns at traffic light is Illegal unless there is a sign that allows you too.

Remember always read the council signs.  If it shows 1P is 1 hour, 2P is 2 hours and 3P is 3 hours MAXIMUM parking limit.  So you may ask what does “P” without a number mean? It is 8 hours parking not unlimited or all weekend parking. Once again exceed the time and expect a $60.00 penalty.

How can you minimise parking infringement notices?

1/ Buy and display parking ticket if required on the dashboard.

2/ Set you mobile the alarm with plenty of time to walk back… you know how time gets away from you.

3/ shop and a centre that doesn’t have time limits eg all other Cairns shopping centres.

4/ Park your car outside the time zoned area and walk in or bike ride in. Remember you have two legs, why not use them.

5/ Cairns Central offer 3 hours free parking and if you run over, it will only costs you from $4.00 to a maximum of $20.00 per a 24 hour period. This could be a cheaper option. If you are watching a movie make sure you validate your parking ticket at the cinema ticket office to receive  one extra hour (giving you 4 hours free)

6/ There are a number of other GEMS I can highlight in my next blog.

Looking forward to your feedback

Rodney Wilson/ The Foot Falcon


2 Comments on “Cairns CBD Parking could cost you $225.00 per day

  1. How do you explain the Loading Zone for ‘All Vehicles’ 20mins Max. 8.30am – 6pm. It doesn’t state commercial, so this means All Vehicles?


    • Trucks vans and Utes. Other Vehicles need a paid permit from Council. They are strict on the time and will Fine you it you don’t comply.


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