Also…here is some advice from the dogs….which includes social distancing…which means no crotch sniffing…ok!

Can you afford to GIVEAWAY $1000.00?

That’s what 25 Cairns/Innisvale drivers have done this year. Just Pick up your mobile phone whilst driving in Queensland and you could be FINED $1000.00 plus 4 Demerit point. 
The current reported HOT SPOT are school zones with an average of 2 drivers fined per day. That’s double last years total.

How do you avoid the fine?
The cheapest  and most reliable option is to JUST TURN OFF YOUR MOBILE WHILST IN THE CAR. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!  

If you are concerned about missed calls, why not record a personalised message eg “Sorry I am currently driving and will return your call as soon as it is safe. Thank you for your patience.” 

You can hold your mobile phone whilst in the your car when:

  • Your car is parked in a Designated Legal Car Park.
  • PLUS your handbrake is engaged

If you must use your mobile in the car consider:

Using your incar Bluetooth handsfree. Make sure it is connected to your phone and you know how to use it.  If the technology is overwhelming, find a friend who help you.

If you missed the technology upgrade? Aftermarket handsfree kits can be installed in most cars and some offer a host of extras eg Music streaming, reversing camera, GPS and MORE…..

Portable handsfree units These units can be moved from car to car but need to be charged.  Not a bad option but not as good at the professionally install units. Prices generally range from $150.00 to $300 AUD. Price reflects the quality so don’t buy cheap!

Corded/Cordless Headset are a legal option. If you are going to use your in ear bud headset make sure you take the time to set it up at the beginning of your  journey. Don’t forget SIRI or BIXBY could help you manage your calls and help keep your eyes on the road. ’’Make sure you don’t block both ears as you must be able to hear emergency vehicles.

If you are in the car with a “L” or “P” Plater make sure. DRIVER and ALL PASSANGERS have their mobile phones TURNED OFF.

Beware of Take Away Drive through ! If you need to pick up your mobile phone make sure: 

  • You engage your handbrake before picking up your phone 
  • Then make sure you put the phone down before disengaging your handbrake. 
  • Otherwise your BURGER MIGHT COME WITH THE LOT ($1000.00)

Just because you can’t see the police.. it doesn’t mean they can’t see you. Unmarked cars , Bikes, Motor Bikes, on foot, and SOON cameras at intersections PLUS Police BLITZ coming to an area near you. BE PREPARED AND DRIVE SAFELY.

Push bikes are also covered by the same laws with the SAME PENALTIES.



What a great start to the year!!

Australia Day

Rain Rain and more Rain

Chinese New Year

Produced by:
Rodney Wilson
The Foot Falcon

Change the way you look at Christmas and what you look at might change.

Christmas is just days away, as we watch people scurring from shop to shop in search of that illusive perfect gift, whilst their stress and anxiety hits record levels

What is Christmas and the art of gifting ?

Creating more landfill ?
Increasing your debt levels?
Buying presents just to fill the stocking

Maybe Christmas is the act of love wrapped up in gratitude?

Why not give a meaningful gift’s this year?

Make or decorate a pot
Rescue a teddy bear and give it a new life.

A painting that you have created
Framing the perfect photograph
Create an ever-lasting dried flower arrangement
Or just adopt your New Furry Friend

Then take the time to wrap your gifts in homemade wrapping paper and a card

Give your own personalised GIFT VOUCHER

One hour destress massage
Dinner for 2 – A culinary delight
Weekly car wash/polish for 12 months – a true labour of love

Give an annual membership and support the local’s

Cairns Museum
local Gym membership
Fitzroy Island
The Australian Armour and Artillery Museum
Why not Donate to “Buy a Bale” for our Australian Farmers.

The possibilities are endless

My personal favourite is a book and it won’t break the bank

“The five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman

Check it out and see what you think.

Have a safe and happy Christmas

Rodney Wilson

Merry Christmas Cairns

Check out some of the COOL SPOTS around Cairns CBD

Cairns Library has a touch of christmas.
Great place to get relief from the scorching weather.
Airconditioned with comfortable seats and a good book
What a way to go!!
Cairns Museum is purposed build for the Cairns Climate (BA) before airconditiong
A big wide balcony with a natural breeze passing through.
Free internet and FREE water.
Become a member and have access to this unique facility
Plus you can check out Cairns Heritage 6 days a week.
Too much to take in one visits
Adult entry is $15.00 or become a annual member for only $27.50
Wow what a great Christmas present.
Oceania Walk naturally ventilated shopping walk with amazing array of shops.
Recently Community Food moved in
Open Tue – Thur 10am – 4pm
Fri 8am-5pm
Sat-Sun 9am till 12noon
with a FREE Afternoon Tea every Thursday from 2pm – 4pm
This is a Volunteer run shop and it needs more help.
Empire Alternacade. has opened it’s doors in Sheridan Cairns
It’s an 18+venue providing PLAY-TIME for the big kids alcohol Included.
Open 7days a week 10am till midnight
Time Zone has it’s grand opening in Cairns 14/15 December.
Corner Abbott st and Shield st
The final touched Arte being done.
Just take your time to walk the city streets and see:
The variety of shops on offer
Street art
Feel the beautiful natural breeze
There is so much so see and do in the Cains CBD
Lets not forget Rustys Market
Full of tropical flavours and Christmas colours
Over Christmas the markets is only closed
Christmas Eve, Christmas and Boxing Day
otherwise business as usual.

Natural shade and a place to sit and reflect

Christmas in the Tropics

Santas Parade from Cairns Central to the Esplanade with street performer, dancers and Santa. Then Free family activities before the Christmas Tree lights where switched on.

Free things to do in Cairns

There is always somethings happening in Cairns

Today in Cairns

This Sunbus driver was testing his driving skills in Cairns Today. Even the police couldn’t believe it.

Is there something new in Cairns today

Pawn Star in Cairns now has 3 boats to accommodate those who want a seafood experience without the risk of inclement weather and only a step away from the shore. A safe option!

Maybe all you need to do is change the way you look at things…
And what you look at changes.

Watching how the clouds just wrap around the moon.
This is a Boatel, a Hotel that just floats.
An Ex Dive Boat that has been given a new lease of life.
Another form of recycling
Well done Cairns Dive Centre.
You don’t need to have leaves to survive
Or do you?
It’s what’s inside that matters
There is always a spot to watch the magical sunrise.

No lack of FREE front row seating.
Might see you there tomorrow?
This tree has really got it’s “roots” stuck in!

Nature is so amazing!
This could be a oil painting.
What do you think?
Remember it doesn’t matter how many times you take a path, there is aways something NEW.

Take the time and open your eyes wide on your next trip
You never know what you might see.

Travel Safely

Tell me what you think?

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